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The Impact Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Aside from additions and adjustments within conventional depression (major depressive disorder) treatment, there are other steps you can take which may improve overall sexual health:
Ask your provider about adding a medication for Sexual Function (such as SILDENAFIL VIAGRA for men);Talk to your partner about how your depression (major depressive disorder) is affecting your sexual health. Open communication may not automatically resolve the issue, but it can help alleviate feelings of guilt and worthlessness;Exercise regularly to improve mood and physical well-being;Take antidepressant dose after engaging in sex.
Laser treatment usually results in decreased bleeding, fluid absorption, and length of hospital stay, as well as decreased incidence of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and retrograde ejaculation when compared with standard TURP. However, healing from laser treatment does not occur until after a period when dead cells slough; thus, patients may experience urinary urgency or irritation, r…

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